Open Systems. DBMS 2020, Volume 28, Number 2


ZIIoT: digital platform for industry
Social networks, marketplaces and aggregation ry changed the B2C market, and the market is next B2B is the industry's main driving force the power of transformation in which they begin to new digital industrial platforms we. One such platform is Zyfra Industrial Internet of Things Platform.
Igor Kolobov, Fedor Arefiev (, Product Managers, Zyfra Group of Companies (Moscow).

Platform for working in the face of uncertainty
The main condition for a company to make a profit when operating in conditions of uncertainty is the ability to quickly respond to changes by offering customers products, tailored to their individual needs. The Platformeco platform deployed in Leroy Merlin allows change the IT landscape of service support, relevant for customers of shops in the "Do it yourself" segment.
Aleksandr Bondarik (, head of the integration platform, LM Tech, Leroy Merlin (Moscow).

Virtual platform for oil and gas services
A key safety factor modern oil and gas industry — the independence of industry information and analytical platforms accumulating best practices for building high-performance computing systems, tools orchestration of services and reliable information protection. SKIF-NEDRA is one of the examples of such an industry digital platform
Vladimir Turchaninov (, Deputy General Director for System Integration, Sergey Kosenkov (, Head of IT Projects, NPO SNGS; Alexander Moskovsky (, General Director, RSK Group of Companies (Moscow).

Intelligent platform for environmental monitoring
To control and monitor the environment Wednesday, various state and international programs have been launched. Within the framework of the UN ICP Vegetation project, intelligent monitoring platform to identify disadvantaged areas in Europe and Asia
Alexander Uzhinsky (, senior programmer, JINR (Dubna).

The architecture of digital platforms of the future
The cost per unit of profit is steadily increasing, and it is time for businesses to think about digital platforms that allow successfully compete for effective demand by joining the ecosystem, using specialization and theoretically unlimited scaling of business processes. One of the architecture options such a platform that connects the clouds, edge computing and 5G / 6G technologies, — hyperscaler.
Alexander Prozorov (, Research Fellow, MIPT; Roman Shnyrev (, Head of Division, Laboratory of New Technological Solutions, Sberbank; Dmitry Volkov (, Senior Research Fellow, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (Moscow).

To Improve Cyber Resilience, Measure It
Measuring cyber resilience is vital to our security. In this article, we examine the importance of measuring cyber resilience and potential approaches to improve its effectiveness.
Alexander Kott (, chief scientist, Igor Linkov (, senior science technology manager at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.

Credit Card Fraud Is a Computer Security Problem
Most apps and merchants do not want to deal with financial fraud, but, if they accept payments, they will eventually have to. Our position is that credit card fraud prevention is a technical problem that needs technical solutions.
Samuel T. King (, associate professor, Zainul Abi Din (, Hari Venugopalan ( University of California; Patrick Traynor (, Christian Peeters (, University of Florida; Nolen Scaife (, assistant professor at the University of Colorado.

Tomorrow’s Call Center Will Be Neither: Not Call Focused, Nor Centralized
Unprecedented concurrent events, including a global pandemic, lockdowns, hypermobility, and economic uncertainty, are triggering industry-wide disruptions for call centers. Yet the call centers that evolve and leverage today’s emerging technologies will sit atop tomorrow’s food chain.
Mark Campbell (, chief innovation officer, EVOTEK.

Rearchitecting the Malls: The Shifting U.S. Retail Landscape
Retail shopping is being revolutionized by the Internet and e-commerce. Big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things devices have further fueled the transformation.
Joanna F. DeFranco (at, professor, Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies, Nir Kshetri (, professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Jeffrey Voas (, IEEE Fellow.

Human resources for the digital economy
How to get the frames you need companies with digitalization? What and how to learn to find your place in a company that relentlessly transforming? How to teach to think strategically in the field of a digital transformation? Who is a teacher for IT staff?
Irina Sheyan (, reviewer, Open Systems.DBMS Journal (Moscow).

The world goes online
The March, April and May issues of Computer magazine (IEEE Computer Society, V. 54, No. 3, 4, 5, 2021) are the development of IT systems under the influence of the massive transition of business to the Internet, the interaction of society and technology and ensuring the reliability of autonomous systems.
Alexander Tyrenko (, independent expert (Moscow).